This Probably Isn’t How You Want to Get Prince Fielder’s Autograph

Don’t mess with Prince Fielder in a parking lot. 
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There are people who get to stadiums hours early or stand in line at mobbed convention centers to snag a players’ autograph. But there has to be a better way!

Who knew all you had to do to get Prince Fielder’s signature is do a crappy job parking your car?

Prince Fielder left this note on a friend’s car. from baseball

It may seem too good to be true but this is definitely legit. First of all, that’s absolutely Prince Fielder’s autograph. Secondly, there’s another Reddit user who says Fielder posted a video on his Instagram story of him dropping the note. (Instagram stories are automatically deleted after 24 hours.)

The only evidence that this might not be true is that his handwriting is way more delicate than the way he handled the bat. That’s a soft-handed middle infielder’s penmanship. A slugger should write in big block letters.