Harry How/Getty Images
November 21, 2017

Winning six straight division titles would be a monumental coup in this, or any other era. But after coming that close to winning it all, the Dodgers will no doubt adopt a World Series or bust mentality to roster building.

The good news is, there’s not much left to be done here. The lineup’s heavy hitters will all be back, with the youth of Corey Seager (23) and Cody Bellinger (22) boding well for continued success. The bullpen will be the winter’s biggest item to address, but that shouldn’t be a source of excessive fear. Yes, Brandon Morrow and Tony Watson were integral parts of the Dodgers’ success both in the regular season and postseason. But both players cost next to nothing to acquire, because relievers are fickle and unpredictable. Scoop up as many quality arms as you can, then see which ones stick. That approach, plus the usual dose of ninth-inning California Love, will hopefully be enough to complement a deep and highly skilled rotation.

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