Mike Trout's Wife Is Tired Of His Texts About the Bomb Cyclone

And his wife says she has gotten way too many of those messages.
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Mike Trout really likes the weather. Not any specific type of weather, but just the general concept of the weather.

So it makes a lot of sense that the two-time AL MVP would be excited about the Bomb Cyclone, a winter storm that left heavy amounts of snow up and down the East Coast Thursday. However, it appears that Trout's enthusiasm could be bordering on obsession.

During the lead up to the storm, Trout would not stop talking to meteorologist Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel. Although it seems a bit strange that arguably the best baseball player in the world would want to talk with Cantore about snow, it makes perfect sense for Trout to discuss the weather with one of the top meteorologist in the country. But Cantore wasn't the only person getting bombarded by Trout about the Bomb Cyclone.

Trout's wife, Jessica, was also a recipient of weather updates from the Angels centerfielder. But unlike Cantore, she was not as eager to indulge Trout in his love for the weather. In fact, she says she was on the verge of muting his messages.

If Trout was this bad on Wednesday, before the storm even did the bulk of its damage, how insufferable was he throughout Thursday? How many photos of snow-covered roads and updated weather maps was Jessica subjected to?

Maybe Trout got the message and decided to save all of his thoughts about cold fronts for Cantore.

[h/t Deadspin]