All 30 MLB Ballparks to Have Expanded Netting

All 30 MLB ballparks to have expanded netting by Opening Day
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In an attempt to ensure safety among its fans, Major League Baseball announced that all 30 ballparks will have protective netting which will extend to at least the the end of both dugouts.

The netting will be in place by Opening Day.

"Providing baseball fans with a variety of seating options when they come to the ballpark, including seats behind protective netting, is important," Commissioner Rob Manfred said. "Major League Clubs are constantly evaluating the coverage and design of their ballpark netting, and I am pleased that they are providing fans an increased inventory of protected seats."

Ten teams already have placed the netting in their stadiums, while 11 more announced plans to do so before their season openers.

The netting is to help prevent fans being hit by foul balls or bats that fly into the stands.