Most of the Tigers’ roster is just “bro” to Miguel Cabrera. 

By Dan Gartland
March 23, 2018

When you’re a guy like Miguel Cabrera, who is entering his 16th MLB season, you see a lot of guys cycle through the clubhouse. Last year for the Tigers, Matt den Dekker made eight plate appearances in four games, Jairo Labourt faced 28 batters in six appearances and William Cuevas recorded only a single out on the mound. Do you think Miggy learned their names? No chance. 

It’s not just the guys having a cup of coffee, either. A new Bleacher Report profile of Cabrera by Scott Miller reveals that Miggy doesn’t know the names of many of teammates. 

Even the smallest things can be a challenge. No, Cabrera says, he does not even know the names yet of some of his new teammates. Then again, he says with a sly smile, that's nothing new.

"I've been here for 10 years and most of my teammates, I don't even know their names," he says.

C'mon. Even in the old days, Miggy?

"No," he protests. "Even in the old days. You can ask any player if I know every name and he'll say no."

So what, then, did you call them?

"I say, 'Hey, bro. What's up, bro?'"

[Torii] Hunter, in Florida, and [Ian] Kinsler, in Arizona, both roar with laughter when they hear this.

"His favorite word was 'bro,'" Hunter says. "Bro, bro. And then he'd go to another guy. Bro, bro.

"That's so true. That's 100 percent true. And he has this funny way of saying it. He sticks his hand out and says, Bro…bro…broohhh."

Kinsler says, "He knew my name, but then, my locker was right next to his, so he'd better.

"But…now that you say that, maybe he didn't."

It takes a lot of effort to keep from learning a guy’s name when everyone wears theirs on the back of their shirt. But I can’t help but wonder how many guys in the clubhouse turn around when Cabrera beckons them with a “bro!”

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