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Miguel Sano Not Suspended by MLB After Being Accused of Sexual Assault

Miguel Sano was accused of sexual assault by a Minnesota photographer. 

Twins third baseman Miguel Sano will not be suspended by MLB after being accused of sexual assault this winter, the league announced Friday. 

In a December Twitter post, Minnesota photographer Betsy Bissen said Sano attempted to kiss her and pull her into a restroom during an autograph signing at a mall in 2015. “He finally gave up after a solid ten mins of fighting to pull me thru that door,” Bissen wrote. 

MLB launched an investigation into the allegations and Sano was interviewed by investigators in late February

“The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball has completed its investigation into an assault allegation made against Minnesota Twins third baseman Miguel Sano,” MLB said in a statement. “The comprehensive investigation included interviews of more than 20 individuals, including Sano and the complainant, as well as a review of available documents, including communication records.

“At the conclusion of the investigation, the Office of the Commissioner found that there was insufficient evidence to support a disciplinary determination against Sano, due to conflicting and inconsistent witness accounts and the absence of contemporaneous substantiation. Barring the receipt of any new information or evidence, the Office of the Commissioner will not impose discipline on Sano in connection with the alleged incident.”

Sano, 24, was an All-Star for the first time in his career in 2017. He hit 28 home runs and led the Twins with an .859 OPS.