Bat flips have long been a contentious issue among baseball fans. While some fans love bat flips and other fans love to hate them, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred thinks they're a great asset for the game.

"I think it's really important for our players to demonstrate emotion on the field," Manfred said on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption. "I really do. I think that in today's entertainment environment we have to be competitive, and I think our fans have been pretty clear that they like our players showing a little more emotion."

On Saturday, Athletics outfielder Mark Canha angered some fans with his bat flip after hitting a two-run shot in the seventh inning against the Giants. The home run put the A's up 4-3 and ended up being the game-winning hit.

After the game, Canha showed a little remorse for how he reacted to the home run, explaining that he was a bit extra emotional because he is from nearby San Jose, Calif. and grew up a Giants fans.

However, later on while being interviewed, Canha thought a little harder about his apology for flipping his bat after the home run and decided he doesn't want to say he is sorry for his response to his go-ahead dinger.

"People getting offended by bat flips is so silly," Canha said in the video above. "I'm not sorry. I'm not really sorry. It's part of our game. Everybody does it."

It doesn't sound like Canha or any other player should need to worry about showing their emotions during games. With Manfred's endorsement of bat flips, it seems that they are here to stay.