Good boys all around. 

A's pitcher Daniel Mengden certainly earned the title of dog's best friend Monday when he helped rescue two puppies from a storm drain in Houston.

A KHOU 11 news crew was in the area and caught the rescue on camera.

The 25-year-old Mengden is from Houston and was driving home from a workout when he saw people gathered outside their cars and blocking the road. He went up and learned the puppies had been trapped in the drain for some time after falling through to the sewer. An animal rescue group was there trying to get the puppies out. 

"It was just kind of dumb luck," Mengden told,

Mengden went home and grabbed his hunting waders. When he arrived back on the scene, he lowered himself into the drain with a local resident named Rick D'Amico.

"The dogs were howling, and we were just trying to whistle back and forth," Mengden said. "They were still running from us when we got down there. They were scared to death down there."

KHOU 11 news reporter Matt Dougherty said one of the puppies had bloody paws and was shaking, but was "in good hands."

According to KHOU 11, the puppies were part of a litter that had been running around the neighborhood the last several weeks. Six other pups were already rescued and have been put up for adoption. These two dogs will be going home with Mendgen and his girlfriend.

Good boys all around.