Jose Canseco Wants to be President Trump's Chief of Staff

Canseco previously tweeted at Trump to state interest in a United Nations ambassador role
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Former MLB outfielder Jose Canseco is eyeing a different league in his post-baseball life and apparently attempting a foray into the world of politics. The six-time All-Star tweeted at Donald Trump on Wednesday and attempted to snag the open vacancy for the President's Chief of Staff.

Wednesday night wasn't the first time Canseco attempted to join Trump's team. Canseco tweeted his candidacy for U.S. ambassador to the United Nations on Oct. 9.

Working as Trump's Chief of Staff wouldn't mark Canseco's first appearance in Washington. He testified before Congress on Capitol Hill in 2005 by participating in hearings related to steroids in baseball. 

Canseco is a lifetime .266 hitter and ended his career in 2001 after 462 homers and 1,407 RBI.