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Detroit Tigers LHP Matthew Boyd Takes on Mission to End Sex Slavery in Uganda

Boyd and his wife, Ashley, are currently helping 36 girls in Uganda.

Detroit Tigers pitcher Matthew Boyd is on a mission to end sex slavery.

According to a report by the Detroit Free Presson Saturday, Boyd has "essentially adopted" 36 girls in Uganda in an attempt to protect them from the sex slave industry. He and his wife, Ashley, provide the girls with food, clothing and rent for their homes.

The Boyds have also created their own nonprofit, Kingdom Home, and are raising money to buy land to expand in Uganda. The couple hopes to build four new homes on that land over the next three years to protect more girls from sex slavery.

“You know what?” Boyd said, according to the report. “We can end child sex trafficking in Uganda. The bad guys aren’t smarter than us. We can end this. We can outsmart them. We can beat them to the kids. We can protect them.”

The Boyds first embarked on their mission a year ago after hearing about a woman in Uganda who was giving shelter to 36 girls but had fallen into a financial crisis. After much thought, the two decided to start their own organization to support them. 

After the 2018 season, Boyd and his wife visited the girls in Uganda, giving each one a backpack, a new pair of shoes and school supplies. The Boyds plan to implement a vocational training program and will pay for each child to attend a university, if they choose that route. 

“Our goal is for them to no longer be at risk for child sex slavery,” Ashley said. “If we give them a skill and a value beyond selling their bodies, they will be successful and we will reach our goal.”

Before the start of an exhibition game in Lakeland, Fla., Boyd spent time selling tickets to fans and teammates to a March 16 fundraiser in Tampa Bay, where Boyd hopes he'll be able to raise $50,000 for his nonprofit.

Boyd will hold another fundraiser in May to further his efforts. To sponsor a child, donors can visit or contact the Boyds at