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Blue Jays Fan Unknowingly Breaks Kendrys Morales Trade News to Joe Biagini in Drugstore

This wasn't your average snack run.

On the eve of Opening Day, one Blue Jays fan encountered a pleasant surprise while out on a snack run.

Brendan Panikkar and his girlfriend Sarah Ranby stopped by Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto on Wednesday night to buy some snacks when he noticed some big news on his phone. Panikkar told The Star that he saw a report about Blue Jays designated hitter Kendrys Morales being traded to the A's and quickly called out to Ranby to share the news.

However, another shopper, who happened to be Blue Jays reliever Joe Biagini, heard Pannikar and asked him repeat the trade news.

"This guy was like, 'Whoa, what happened? What’s the news? Who got traded?' I didn’t look up, because I’m still looking at it to make sure that this report was legitimate," Pannikar said. "I go over, show the phone, look up and go, 'Oh my god. Joe Biagini. What the hell?'"

Pannikar and Ranby took a picture with Biagini and chatted with him in the store about the trade.

Pannikar told The Star that Biagini said he saw Morales about an hour before the trade news broke and said the veteran was "a great guy in the clubhouse."

Biagini also asked Pannikar and Ranby for snack suggestions and decided on Reese's Snack Mix, joking with them not to tell the team's nutritionist.

The 28-year-old pitched one inning of relief to retire the side in the eighth in Toronto's 2–0 loss to the Tigers on Thursday. Maybe Reese's Snack Mix is his secret to success.