This generation of baseball players is finally realizing that it can be cool and fun to celebrate with a hearty bat flip. But Rays prospect Chris Betts took it to another level after winning the Midwest League’s home run derby. 

Betts hit 24 dingers over three rounds to win the derby and celebrated not with a simple flip but what can only be described as a bat launch. 

Just check out the height on this toss. 

It’s a heads-up play by Betts to take advantage of the empty field with such an ostentatious celebration. If there was someone playing first base, that’s not just against baseball’s unwritten rules—it’s assault with a deadly weapon. 

Betts, a second-round pick in 2015, has plenty of reason to celebrate. Not only is he enjoying the best season of his pro career, he also won $1,000 cash for winning the derby.