The former MLB players were arrested on Aug. 20 in the Dominican Republic.

By Emily Caron
August 31, 2019

Former MLB pitcher Octavio Dotel and infielder Luis Castillo have been cleared of charges of money laundering one week after they were arrested in an investigation of drug trafficking in the Dominican Republic on Aug. 20.

The public prosecutor announced Friday that the arrest warrant against Castillo had been suspended after an interview during which Castillo presented documentation to demonstrate he's not linked to the criminal organization.

"After evaluating the new documents and information offered by Castillo during the interview, we found no evidence to link him to activities related to money laundering," the Dominican Republic's attorney general Jean Alain Rodríguez explained in a statement. "We are closing the case initiated against him."

Dotel still faces charges of possessing illegal weapons at the time he was arrested. That charge, however, is not connected to the drug bust. 

Dotel and Castillo were arrested in a large government operation against drug trafficking and money laundering. The pair of former MLB players were reportedly associated with powerful crime boss Cesar Emilio Peralta, otherwise known as "Cesar el Abusador".

Dotel played for 13 teams in his 15-year career from 1999-2013. The right-handed reliever spent five years with the Astros from 2000-03. He won the 2011 World Series with the Cardinals.

Castillo was a three-time All-Star and three-time Gold Glove winner in 15 seasons. He played with the Marlins from 1996-2005 and won the World Series in 2003. Castillo spent the last four years of his career with the Mets from 2007 to 2010.

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