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Pete Alonso Orders Custom Cleats for Mets Teammates to Honor Victims of 9/11

Alonso ordered a pair for his Mets teammates, too.

Mets rookie Pete Alonso ordered custom cleats for each of his teammates to honor 9/11 victims, including the first responders, on the tragedy's 18th anniversary on Wednesday.

Ahead of team's contest against the Diamondbacks on Wednesday night, many of the players were seen taking the field wearing the cleats.

Alonso said he initially wanted to create custom hats but was denied permission by MLB.

"For me, I just come from a place where I want to show support, not just for the victims but their families as well, because no one really knows how deep those emotional scars can be," Alonso said after the game. "Living here, just kind if interacting with everybody, I've tried to immerse myself in New York living, and I see traces of it every single day, little bits and pieces of it.

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"I've just been really thankful and gracious for this opportunity. This season has been an absolute fantasy for me. I just want to give back. I want to help," Alonso added. "I don't just want to be known as a good baseball player. Hopefully, I want to be known as a good person too. I just want to recognize, really, what this day is about. … It's an awful day, but in order to kind of grow and move on as a country and especially here as a city in New York—it's not just a New York thing, it's a United States thing."

The Mets finished the game with nine runs on 11 hits, defeating the Diamondbacks 9–0.