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Illinois Woman’s Obituary Asks for Donations for ‘Impoverished’ Cubs Owners

Cubs owner Tom Rickets walks on the grass at Wrigley Field

MLB owners really seem hard-up for cash these days. They can’t afford to pay minor leaguers a living wage, they can’t pay to build their own stadiums and they sure as hell can’t afford to pay free agents, lest they go over the luxury tax threshold. 

Many teams are guilty of thinking like this but Cubs fans are especially frustrated with their owners’ alligator arms, which is why one Illinois woman asked in her obituary that mourners honor her life by helping out the Ricketts family. 

Joanne DeVrieze of East Moline died earlier this month at age 95 and her obituary in the Moline Dispatch included one last dig at Cubs ownership. 

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“Donations in Joanne’s memory may be directed toward the impoverished Ricketts family of Chicago, Illinois, for purposes of assembling a near-Major-League-caliber bullpen, or to be dispersed per family wishes. 

The Cubs may have listened to Joanne’s demands, after all. A week after her death, they added reliever Jeremy Jeffress on a one-year deal worth $850,000, plus another $200,000 in incentives. He had an ERA over five last year but was an All-Star in 2018. So hey, it’s better than nothing.