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Gerrit Cole was supposed to be the piece to put the Yankees over the top, but considering he was no ace in the wild-card, the entire organization is now facing the reality that exists for the Yanks...good is not good enough.

Baseball is built to be played over a 162 game season, so it is never the most sensible thing to evaluate everything over one game. However, if you’re looking for a reason the New York Yankees season ended abruptly, look no further than Cole not making it to the third inning. Which could've been the result of simply a bad performance, a hamstring injury, or him losing the ever so difficult grip on the ball.

That has led to a possible reckoning for a team that went 22 games over .500. In a vacuum that doesn’t seem reasonable, however, given the history and payroll in the Bronx, 2009 may as well be Babe Ruth’s time as that is the last instance when MLB was in an Empire State of Mind.

This means Aaron Boone, who has averaged 98-wins a year as manager may not get the chance to be the skipper again. And Brian Cashman, who brought him in, could also be under fire, as many believe his long tenure should be coming to an end, as Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton alone are not a complete lineup.

It’s a rough business when winning more than you lose could still lead to you losing your job, but for Pete’s sake, the Yankees were expected to stick around longer than they did.