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Several Major League Baseball stadiums lack the necessary standards and work environments for female employees, according to a letter that the league sent out to several teams on May 20 that was obtained by ESPN.

Michael Hill, MLB’s senior vice president of on-field operations, sent out a memo to numerous teams’ general managers, assistant general managers and field operations staff detailing that their stadiums “fall embarrassingly below the high standards” for women employees to adequately do their jobs.

ESPN obtained a copy of the statement that read “Over the first six weeks of the season, it has become clear that a number of Clubs are not in compliance with these requirements, particularly with respect to hosting women on visiting teams.”

Several women spoke on the basis of anonymity about the “untenable working environment” they face daily. According to ESPN, the women shared various feelings and thoughts in the memo about their experience of being forced to plan trips to other areas of the stadium just to use the restroom.

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The letter comes after the league put together its mandates on March 16, 2021, that stated that female staffers for home and road teams should receive a clean locker room space that is close to the main clubhouse, and one is that is private and includes a shower and restroom. 

The league did not provide consequences for clubs that are not adhering to MLB’s regulations. However, the memo requested that each team share comprehensive plans as well as accounts of potential changes by June 3.

“We understand that space constraints in some ballparks may limit clubs' ability to adhere to these requirements,” the memo said. “However, we expect all Clubs to make the necessary sacrifices in order to provide satisfactory facilities to all female staff.”

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