Aaron Rodgers Got Roasted on the SNY Mets Broadcast

Aaron Rodgers and Pat McAfee were talking points during a Mets win.
Steve Gelb listens to Gary Cohen roasting Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets.
Steve Gelb listens to Gary Cohen roasting Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets. /
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The New York Mets beat the Miami Marlins, 10-4, on Wednesday night. Anyone paying close attention knew the Marlins were in trouble after Grimace threw out a surprisingly good first pitch. There's no way a visiting team can overcome something so thrilling.

And that is why the game was a dud by the late innings as the Mets turned a two-run lead into four and then into six. So by the top of the 9th the SNY broadcast team was just trying to fill time, which is why Gary Cohen was talking to sideline reporter Steve Gelb, who had found a vacant seat near the field, about the New York Jets. During the brief conversation, Cohen took light shots at Rodgers, the New York Rangers and Pat McAfee.

Cohen seemed particularly interested in where Rodgers was, but Gelb seemed unbothered. Sure, as Cohen pointed out, Rodgers had skipped mandatory mini-camp, was in an undisclosed location, and had yet to accomplish as much in his Jets tenure as Brett Favre, but what's not to be optimistic about?

Gelbs could only note that Rodgers did show up to all the offseason gatherings last year and it still didn't work out for him. Cohen then asked, "Is he, like, under Pat McAfee's couch or something?" Gelbs, through laughter, admitted, "that might be the best possibility."

Should be a fun summer for the SNY team to chronicle Rodgers' exploits. There's not much else going on.

Stephen Douglas


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