Video: Battle of the Dodgers' Beards

Howard Cole

Shut in and unable to get to my stylist - yes, I have a stylist - the beard has gotten a wee bit long. In fact, in a couple of weeks, you'll be able to practice social distancing just by standing at the end of my beard.

Tom Wilson and I hadn't done a "Between Three Palms" episode since COVID-19 changed the trajectory of the 2020 season, and wanted to return with a fun one. Hence, a battle of the beards. And a rating of the Dodgers beards. 

Both current and former Los Angeles players are included, as are my thoughts on baseball's worst. The worst of the worst, actually. The bad and ugly.

For you newcomers, "Between Three Palms" is an ongoing video talk series, primarily but not exclusively devoted to Dodgers baseball. The name, "Between Three Palms" (or BTP, for short) is a nod to the famous-in-LAD-circles Chavez Ravine palm trees, The Three Sisters. Oh, and it's like "Between Two Ferns," only about baseball, and less funny.

Here are the others BTPs in the series: "State of the Dodgers Union," "You Betts Yours Life," "The Worrier," "Who's on the Bump," The Astroisks," and "The Pilot."

And remember, glove conquers all.

Howard Cole has been writing about baseball on the internet since Y2K. Follow him on Twitter.

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Blue Hawk
Blue Hawk

Fear the beard...Not!


As George Carlin wrote:
Here's my beard.
Ain't it wierd?
Don't be sceered,
Just a beard.


Tom!!! Miss the post game call ins via facebook in 2018. Howard harsh beard critic. I agree with Blackmons mess he fields each year. Keuchel bee hive beard. Good insight on Justin Turners off season and seasonal beards. For me. CT3 has a small beard going as well at one time. What you rate his? For me I am just like Tom. Why cover this face up? Lol good pokes guys.