Between Three Palms: Dodger Worrier

Howard Cole

SI producer Tom Wilson is a worrier. During Spring Training he worries about what could derail the Dodgers' 2020 season; about who could get hurt.

In this episode of "Between Three Palms," titled "Dodger Worrier," Tom noted his concern for Walker Buehler. What if the new L.A. ace were to fall to injury? I, for one, have no such concern. It's just nowhere within my thought process. Watch the episode and you'll see.

Little did we know, however, that after we recorded the show but before we could post it, Justin Turner took another hit by pitch to the wrist yesterday. I say "another" because the exact same thing happened two years ago, also in ST, and to the same left wrist. 

Now that is something I worry about. JT and the HBP. Especially since he crowds the plate like no Dodger I can recall. Sit in section 1 of the reserve level sometime and stare down at Turner as he stands in the box. I tried that once and it scared me. He's literally right on top of the plate.

So what could go wrong? An errant HBP is what could go wrong. And it doesn't really have to be all that errant. Not with the way this particular player hits. I was comforted by the fact that Turner homered in his next at bat, before heading to the X-Ray machine. Prognosis negative. For the moment.

Sleep well, Dodgers' fans.

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