Video: Dodgers New Cable Deal

Howard Cole

SI's own Tom Wilson is our resident expert in baseball cable deals. He's the writer, director and host of the 2016 documentary, "Moneyball Too," and knows of what he speaks.

I play along, just happy to have the deal signed sealed and delivered. And now I'm hoping and praying for baseball. Real, live, Dodger baseball.

Speaking of which, if you missed the SI MLB staff's ideas for bringing back baseball in one form another, read this. For my perspective on their perspective -- and Major League Baseball's -- read this.

For you newcomers, "Between Three Palms" is an ongoing video talk series, primarily but not exclusively devoted to Dodgers baseball. The name, "Between Three Palms" (or BTP, for short) is a nod to the famous-in-LAD-circles Chavez Ravine palm trees, The Three Sisters. Oh, and it's like "Between Two Ferns," only about baseball, and less funny.

Here are the others BTPs in the series: "Battle of the Dodgers Beards," "State of the Dodgers Union," "You Betts Yours Life," "The Worrier," "Who's on the Bump," The Astroisks," and "The Pilot."

And remember, glove conquers all.

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