Roy Halladay Had Amphetamines in System, Was Doing Stunts at Time of Fatal Plane Crash

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Hall of fame pitcher Roy Halladay had high levels of amphetamines in his blood and was doing stunts at the time of his fatal place crash. He lost control of the plane and nosedived into the Gulf of Mexico, according to a National Transportation Safety Board report. The report says the 40-year-old had amphetamine levels 10-times therapeutic level in his blood with a high level of morphine and antidepressants. The former Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies ace, performed high pitch climbs and steep turns, sometimes within 5 feet of the water, according to the report. The maneuvers put loads of nearly two-times gravity on the Icon A5 plane Halladay purchased a month before the crash. Halladay was an eight-time All-Star and inducted into the Hall of Fame posthumously last year.