SI Insider: Last Week the Kansas City Royals Announced They Will Not Be Releasing Any Minor League Players

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SI's Tom Verducci shares his thoughts on the statement made by Royals general manager, Dayton Moore announcing that Minor League players will not be cut from their organization. Minor League players in the Royal's organization will be paid a $400 a week stipend through August if the season does not resume.

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Tom Verducci: Here's a bit of baseball news from last week that didn't get nearly enough attention. Unlike just about every organization in baseball, the Kansas City Royals under general manager Dayton Moore announced they would not be releasing any minor league players. And furthermore, they would continue to pay those players a weekly stipend of $400 through August. Moore had a great explanation. He said even the player who never gets out of A-ball has as much of an impact on the baseball community as a player who puts in 10 to 15 years in the major leagues. Those minor leaguers become coaches, teachers, ambassadors of the game, to which Angels manager Joe Madden replied, the guy he's talking about is me. Madden never got out of A-ball as a minor league player. Now, some teams, including the Oakland A's, have talked about being a family while releasing minor league players, families don't abandon one another in difficult times.