'Rampage' detained ... again

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The former UFC light heavyweight champion wasn't arrested, but rather escorted by Irvine Police for mental evaluation after reports were filed of him being a possible threat to himself and others.

Lt. Rick Handfield told MMAWeekly.com that police "did go out to the residence where he was staying at 4:31 p.m. PT (on Wednesday in the city of Irvine, Calif.). We were asked to assist with him and make sure that he was safe and not a danger to himself or others. He was exhibiting some unusual behavior that his friends that were there felt concerned."

On Tuesday, Jackson was arrested by the Costa Mesa Police Department following a high-speed chase down Newport Boulevard that allegedly involved multiple collisions between the custom painted pick-up truck that Jackson was identified as driving and other vehicles. He was also reported to have crossed over the median into oncoming traffic and running red lights, causing pedestrians to flee out of the way before Jackson was taken into custody.

Jackson's pick-up is detailed by a custom camouflage paint job with his likeness and sponsor logos emblazoned across the side.

Handfield said Jackson remains with mental health professionals. Due to HIPAA laws, however, specific information into Jackson's condition hasn't been confirmed.

However, the Orange County Register received comments from those close to Jackson regarding his state leading up to the series of events this week.

As "Razor" Rob McCullough, a former World Extreme Cagefighting champion, told the newspaper, the father of four told friends Monday at the HB Ultimate Training Center in Huntington Beach that he had not slept much recently and admitted he was under heavy pressure with the sport. Rampage held the UFC title since May 2007 when he beat Chuck Liddell before losing it to Forrest Griffin at UFC 86 on July 5.

"It sounds like he had a nervous breakdown," McCullough told paper. "It all just got to be too much for him."

The paper also received input from those on the scene of the car crashes Tuesday, including a pregnant 38-year-old woman, Holli Griggs, who was hospitalized after her Cadillac Escalade was side-swiped on the 55 freeway. Injuries to the mother-to-be and fetus have yet to be confirmed.

After his arrest Tuesday night, Jackson was released from Costa Mesa jail on $25,000 overnight bail.