August 21, 2008

While Kenny Florian's focus will soon shift to his upcoming bout against Joe Stevenson in November, right now, along with brother Keith, he will open the Florian Martial Arts Center in Brookline, Mass. on Sept 2.

The school culminates a lifelong pursuit for the brothers who have both followed in the traditions of martial arts for many years.

Both Kenny and Keith are black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the school will offer a varied number of classes for potential students.

"It is now time to give back to those who want to learn what martial arts gave us," said Kenny. "On Sept. 2 we are opening the Florian Martial Arts Center in Brookline, Mass. We will have classes and programs available for those who want to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, mixed martial arts, or who want to just get in shape with our fitness programs."

The school will operate with both Kenny and Keith as instructors with many other world class coaches and trainers at the school as well.

Recently appearing on MMAWeekly Radio, Florian reassured fans that he will still train alongside longtime coach Mark Dellagrotte at Team Sityodtong, but his new school will give him the chance to teach and pass along all he's learned to new students.

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