June 11, 2009

Seven fighters will sit on the bench following Sunday's record-setting WEC 41 in Sacramento, Calif.

The California State Athletic Commission on Wednesday released the names and terms of fighter's suspensions.

Former WEC featherweight champion Urijah Faber, who released x-rays of his mangled right hand following his unsuccessful rematch against current champ Mike Brown, headed the injury list.

Here are the notes from the CSAC's release:

Urijah Faber: Suspended 180/180 or cleared by physican for broken right hand, possible broken left hand as well.

Cub Swanson: Suspended 180/180 head injury need CT scan, facial lacerations.

Manny Gamburyan: Suspended 180/180 or physician clearance broken right hand.

John Franchi: Suspended 60/60 left cheek laceration.

Antonio Banuelos: Suspended 180/180 or cleared by Opthmological physican for right eye cornia no reflex.

Noah Thomas: Suspended 60/60 for facial lacerations and 180/180 (or clear by physican) for nasal fracture.

Seth Dikun: Suspended x-ray right foot possible fraxture 180/180 or clear by physican.

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