Anderson Silva: The Meaning of 100

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Prior to UFC 100, had the chance to speak with many of the promotion's elite fighters -- past and present. Here's what Anderson Silva had to say about Saturday's card, his career in the cage and much more.

I think all of the UFC events are significant, but this one is a memorable mark for MMA.

I believe UFC 100 deserves the attention it's getting. It is a memorable event.

I am training for my upcoming fight against Forrest Griffin, but I'll be watching UFC 100 with my family.

I'm rooting for Thiago Alves.

My advice to all the UFC 100 fighters is 'Good luck and fight with a lot of heart.'

When I first started fighting, I never thought the UFC would grow as fast as it has.

I think MMA needs to be recognized as a sport like the other more traditional sports around the world.

The worst parts about being a UFC fighter are what people expect from you and the criticism.

The best part is doing something I love for a living.

The toughest fighters in the UFC? It's a toss-up between three guys: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, LyotoMachida and RichFranklin.

The one guy who should be in the UFC is Roy Jones Jr.