Prangley stripped of MFC title, released from organization

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As organizations finalize their last remaining shows of the year by adding and moving talent around, one of the more surprising roster moves of the season came Sunday night when Canada's Maximum Fighting Championship announced it had stripped light heavyweight champion Trevor Prangley of his title and cut him from the organization.

Sunday night's press release explained, "The move was required when Prangley violated his contract by signing with two smaller organizations while under contract with the MFC. Prangley's management was informed of the violation after the first offense, but Prangley agreed to fight again outside of the MFC in blatant disregard of his signed exclusive contact."

When contacted to give his side of the story, Prangley told, "I just want people to understand that it wasn't as badly (handled) as they make it out to be.

"We did ask for dates, we did ask for permission, but we just never got it back from them."

He continued, "On the first show, we emailed them, 'Are you going to use me around this date?' and they said, 'We'll get back to you; we'll get back to you.' We never got any solid answers, so I did the fight."

According to Prangley, it's only then that MFC Owner/President Mark Pavelich officially notified him that he had breached his contract.

"I haven't even done the second fight yet. It's scheduled for the end of next month, but we did call him to see if he needed me before the second one and he just gave us a short answer back, (saying) we were in breach on the first one and that's all we got."

In the MFC press release, Pavelich said of Prangley's actions, "It is unacceptable that Trevor Prangley and his management have gone about business in such an unscrupulous manner. I will not allow my organization and my title belts to be disrespected this way.

"Trevor was treated with the utmost respect when he came to fight in the MFC, and in turn for him and his management to treat the MFC this way simply will not be tolerated."

To which Prangley replied, "I'm not interested in getting into an argument or pissing match with the MFC... But what the MFC fails to understand is this is my main source of income. I have two kids, and I need to make money.

"I can't just sit and take just two fights a year, because like I said, I have to make money for my family."

Prangley then reiterated that he has no ill will towards the promotion or its course of action. He feels it is best for both sides to move on and consider the issue closed.

"I don't have anything bad to say about the organization," he stated. "I enjoyed my fight (for them in May) and enjoyed my time there. That's all I have to say."