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Before the big Mayweather-Pacquiao fight on Saturday night, watch Ronda Rousey beat Cat Zingano with an armbar in 14 seconds earlier this year.

By SI Wire
May 02, 2015

Before the big Mayweather-Pacquiao fight on Saturday night, watch Ronda Rousey beat Cat Zingano with an armbar in 14 seconds earlier this year.

On Feb. 28, Rousey and Zingano fought in Los Angeles as the main card of UFC 184. At the time of the fight, both MMA stars were undefeated. Rousey was 10-0 and Zingano was 9-0. Zingano tried to grab Rousey's knee, but Rousey reversed her and got her in an armbar.

Rousey's 14 second submission was the fastest finish of any kind in a UFC championship fight, and is tied for the fastest submission in modern UFC history.


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