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Ronda Rousey recounts one-armed judo victory in new book

In Ronda Rousey's new book, My Fight / Your Fight, she details her victories in judo at the 2007 World Championships in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.
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In an excerpt from Ronda Rousey's new book, My Fight / Your Fight, the UFC title-holder details her victories in judo at the 2007 World Championships in Rio de Janiero. The full excerpt is available on Jezebel. 

Rousey finished with the middleweight silver medal after a defeat by France's Gevrise Emane in the championship match. The match prior, she faced Dutch competitor Edith Bosch. In a match against Bosch one month earlier, Rousey writes that she dislocated her elbow after Bosch used an illegal armbar on her.

Early in the World Championships match, Rousey writes that her elbow wound up dislocated by Bosch once again. 

Warning: Some content in the excerpt below might be considered graphic.

With Jon Jones suspended, Rousey No. 1 in pound for pound rankings

I wanted to scream. But arguing was pointless. A shooting pain quickly brought me back into the moment. I had never forfeited a match in my life, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to quit in the semifinal of the world championship.

I braced myself. I tensed my left arm and took a deep breath. With my right hand, I grabbed my forearm just below the dislocated elbow and pushed as hard as I could. Pop. The joint snapped back into place. The manipulation hurt like a b----, but as soon as my elbow was back where it belonged, the sharp pain dulled to a barely tolerable ache.

Full video of Rousey's fight against Bosch is available on YouTube.

Rousey's book hits shelves Tuesday.

Mike Fiammetta