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Publish date: Experts League Recap: Week 3

There are still two undefeated teams in the league as we finish the first stage of division play. Ryan Houston and I both had pretty easy victories, while Joe Levit fell from the ranks of the undefeated after a close loss on Monday night.

On the other side of the ledger, Dave Gawron finally got his first win after two terrible games to start the season.

With this being the first week with byes, there were fewer owners with big numbers sitting on the bench. In some cases, there were some patchwork starting lineups thanks to injuries and byes.

Here's how this week's games played out. For more information on the league owners and rules, click here.

Mike Nazarek 79, Joe Levit 78

Nazarek's top three: Joe Horn 15, Warrick Dunn 13, David Akers 12 Nazarek's disappointments: Steve McNair 6, Derrick Mason 4 Key benchings: Brad Johnson 22 (for McNair's 6), Nate Burleson 7 (for Mason's 4)

Levit's top three: Daunte Culpepper 29, John Carney 16, Marshall Faulk 14 Levit's disappointments: Titans defense 2, Kevin Johnson 0, Tai Streets 2 Key benchings: Justin Fargas 2 (for Steven Jackson's 1)

Notes: It was all or nothing for Levit, who had five players with two points or fewer, but four in double digits. However, Nazarek won it with 11 points from Terry Glenn on Monday night. The Cowboys' last TD gave Nazarek a thrilling one-point victory.

Ryan Houston 101, B. Duane Cross 81

Houston's top three: Shaun Alexander 25, Thomas Jones 24, David Carr 15 Houston's disappointments: Marcus Robinson 0 Key benchings: Tiki Barber 20 (still below both starting running backs)

Cross' top three: Roy Williams 25, Edgerrin James 13, Michael Vick 10 Cross' disappointments: Vick 10, Larry Fitzgerald 3, Emmitt Smith 5 Key benchings: None

Notes: Houston continues to show why having two stud running backs is huge in fantasy football. Vick's 58-yard run at the end of the game was the only reason he broke double digits. Besides Barber, Houston also has Tony Hollings and Tatum Bell on the bench, who could be in line for starting duties soon.

James Quintong 109, Kirk Bouyelas 71

Quintong's top three: Javon Walker 37, Matt Hasselbeck 18, Hines Ward 15 Quintong's disappointments: Ahman Green 9, Brian Westbrook 7 Key benchings: None

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Bouyelas' top three: Marc Bulger 26, Terrell Owens 16, Priest Holmes 13 Bouyelas' disappointments: Kevin Jones 0, Desmond Clark 0, Koren Robinson 1 Key benchings: Jimmy Smith 5 (for Robinson's 1), Boo Williams 3 (for Clark's 0)

Notes: No close calls this time for me as Walker's breakout game made up for my subpar games at running back, and I got some a solid nine points from Morten Andersen as a late free-agent bye-week pick (replacing John Kasay). Bouyelas was hurt by Kevin Jones' injury.

Richard Harris 127, Corey Roberts 106

Harris' top three: Reggie Wayne 24, Randy Moss 23, Jake Plummer 19, Chris Brown 19 Harris' disappointments: Quentin Griffin 2 Key benchings: Kevan Barlow 3 (for Griffin's 2)

Roberts' top three: Donovan McNabb 28, Onterrio Smith 19, Fred Taylor 15 Roberts' disappointments: Dallas Clark 0, Plaxico Burress 6 Key benchings: Donald Driver 12 (for Burress' 6)

Notes: Despite having McNabb, Roberts remains winless after running into Harris' buzzsaw. Only Griffin and Eric Johnson (3) had single digits for Harris. His defense (Atlanta, 14) and kicker (Jason Elam, 11) combined for 25 points to help in the big win.

Dave Gawron 111, Bob Harris 94

Gawron's top three: Brett Favre 30, Jamal Lewis 28, Aaron Stecker 18 Gawron's disappointments: Peerless Price 1, David Terrell 2 Key benchings: Andre Davis 3 (for Price's 1)

Harris' top three: Peyton Manning 35, Brandon Stokley 23, Duce Staley 10 Harris' disappointments: LaDainian Tomlinson 8, Chris Chambers 1, Antonio Gates 3 Key benchings: Rod Gardner 23 (for Chambers' 1)

Notes: Harris couldn't take advantage of the Manning-Stokley combination, partly because of Tomlinson's below average game, and keeping Chambers instead of Gardner, who's working well with Mark Brunell. Gawron finally got a huge game from Lewis to earn his first win of the year. His poor record coming in also gave him first dibs on Stecker, who helped his depleted running back situation.

Greg Kellogg 69, Sam Lubeck 63

Kellogg's top three: Trent Green 20, Tony Gonzalez 16, Isaac Bruce 13 Kellogg's disappointments: Domanick Davis 2, Keyshawn Johnson 2, Rams defense 2, Eric Parker 1 Key benchings: Tyrone Wheatley 12 (for Davis' 2)

Lubeck's top three: Aaron Brooks 18, Ashley Lelie 12, Ravens defense 12 Lubeck's disappointments: Laveranues Coles 4, Bubba Franks 3, Derrick Blaylock 1, Ki-Jana Carter 1 Key benchings: Maurice Morris 5 (instead of Blaylock or Carter), Drew Bennett 5 (instead of Coles' 4)

Notes: This was the one game really riding on Monday night. Lubeck's Laveranues Coles had four points, while Kellogg's combo of Clinton Portis and Keyshawn Johnson got 14 to seal the win. Deuce McAllister's injury and Travis Henry's bye week forced Lubeck to start Derrick Blaylock and Ki-Jana Carter at running back.