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The 10 Spot: Jan. 5, 2007

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It's the first Friday of the month and thus time for the latest all-reader-submission edition. Thanks as always for the entries. Please check back with the 10 Spot next week when we will be on location in Glendale, Ariz., for the BCS Championship Game, including a live running diary posted throughout Monday night's game.

1. In an news conference this week, Jets head coach Eric Mangini spoke fondly of the time he spent as a member of the New England coaching staff. In an effort to reciprocate, Patriots coach Bill Belichick later recalled how much he enjoyed eating a sandwich one day while he was the Jets' head coach. -- Tim, Brewster, N.Y.

2. Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens leads the league in dropped passes. In fact, T.O. has now officially dropped more balls than Dick Clark. -- Adam, Detroit

3. Hey, heard about the new Notre Dame champagne punch? It's expensive, very popular and supposed to be strong, but it goes flat if you put it in a bowl. --Janice, Palo Alto, Calif.

4. In one of the more thrilling finishes of the season, the Bengals narrowly missed pulling off a comeback win over the Steelers on Sunday before falling in overtime. While a victory would have qualified Cincinnati for the playoffs, commentators were unanimous in agreeing that it was much too soon for another remake of The Longest Yard. -- Gary, Arlington, Va.

5. I can't believe you didn't point out Michigan's heartwarming tribute to Bo Schembechler -- the Wolverines lost the Rose Bowl in the very same fashion as his teams always did. -- Chris, San Francisco

6. Terry Bradshaw's candor was refreshing Wednesday night when he admitted that he did not attend LSU because he could not pass the ACT exam. This surely delighted most Louisiana Tech alumni. -- Tim, Ligonier, Pa.

7. There are reports that the baseballs used during Mark McGwire's record-setting 1998 season were juiced. Apparently it took so long to uncover the truth because the baseballs used the "clear." -- Don, Buffalo, N.Y.

8. Perhaps the reason Nick Saban didn't say he was interested in the Alabama job sooner was because he didn't want to raise any red flags. Of course, anyone who saw the Dolphins' season opener knows that Saban is no good with a red flag. -- Ray, Philadelphia

9. Saban announced Thursday that he planned to coach at Alabama, after receiving an estimated eight-year, $32 million deal. However, he was shocked to discover that it meant all eight years had to be at Alabama. -- Ethan, Fairfax, Va.

10. Lions offensive lineman Ross Verba was arrested this week for an outstanding bad check warrant from Las Vegas. Verba allegedly canceled payment on the check he used on an August 2006 wager on the Lions to win Super Bowl. Turns out Verba isn't as embarrassed about the arrest as he is about being outed for betting on the Lions to win the Super Bowl. -- John, Atlanta