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Pressure Cook-er

Imagine (OK, dream) for a moment that you're an NBA rookie.

Now picture yourself taking the floor as a teammate with the likes of Dwyane Wade, Shaquille O'Neal and Alonzo Mourning

OK, nervous yet? Well, it's been an eye-opening experience for Daequan Cook, the Miami rookie out of Ohio State, who just debuted his blog on Slam.

Among the tidbits was this gem: "If you screw up a play, especially a play for Shaq or Dwyane, they'll get mad at you. They look forward to plays getting called for them, especially Shaq. D-Wade can kind of create his own shot if he has to, but Shaq, he gets upset if you mess up on a play for him. He'll joke around with you but he also lets you know that you can't be on the floor if you're going to mess up the team's plays."

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No pressure, kid.

So far, though, Cook has played without fear, which is a big reason why he's getting so much playing time in Miami, a rare feat for a rookie on a Pat Riley-coached team. Cook has provided a spark to a squad struggling to find answers, chipping in 10.2 points per game (third among rookies) in only 19.2 minutes.

All while trying not to screw up Shaq's plays.

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