Readers weigh in on the Snuggie

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Last Thursday's Hot Clicks featured a commercial for The Snuggie. Little did we know that readers would have a lot to say about the blanket. Here's a sampling.

Grant, of Ellicott City, Md., Chung, of Hanover, Md., Jason, of Littleton, Col., Justin Wiese, of Indianapolis, Hank Addison, of Chicago, Dan, of Wallingford, Conn., and Doug, of Lubbock, Texas all wrote in to say that the "Slanket" was a better product (that's been around longer) than the "Snuggie."

Here are some other thoughts on the Snuggie:

Snuggie -- can't I get an robe like that if I just become a deacon at my local church? -- Joe, Chicago

Is it just me, or does the Snuggie look like a KKK robe? Was it the Grand Dragon who created this product? Anyway, thought this would be a well, creepy, link for you to use. -- Mike, Cleveland

What they don't mention is that anyone wearing this thing looks like a member of a creepy (albeit comfortable) cult. -- Jamie Voss, Minneapolis

I don't actually own a Snuggie, but I do have some items that are similar. One is an item I call "Coat". Then, I've got "Sweatshirt", and it's much-improved cousin "Hooded Sweatshirt". None of these cost anywhere near $60 bucks, but of course, none came with a Star Trek booklight either. I make up for that by reading near another new product, "Lightbulb". -- Tyler Zyph, Spokane, Wash.

I own the Snuggie. So do all the rest of us who are waiting for the arrival of the 22nd century ascension ship. Come, have a little juice with us. -- Mike Delcomyn, Springfield, Ill.

I was watching the 'Snuggie' commercial and broke out in laughter and asked my girlfriend to come see this. Little did I realize that she was chatting quietly on the phone with her friend. She recognized the garment and commented on it too her friend and it turns out that she has one. She says it works great and does exactly what the advertisement says! Liked it so much she even bought one for her grandmother as a present! -- Jason Speedy, St. Stephen, N.B.

FYI, my wife of 3 years just told me she has a snuggie. She pulled it out of storage and is wearing it right now. It looks like she is wearing a sleeping bag...with footholes. Ridiculous! -- Martin Madrid, Chicago

Believe or not as soon as I saw the commercial for the "Snuggie" I thought "my wife needs that!!" She's always cold. Merry Christmas to her. -- Trae Brown, Texas

My brother won "The Snuggie" last year playing white elephant at his company christmas party. He wore it all night, it was hilarious. -- Adam, Denver

I go to Washington University in St. Louis, and a few of my friends have a couple of these "Snuggies" in their apartment, which they actually refer to as "Slankets" (guess none of us actually knew what its official name was). It is an absolutely brilliant invention, and actually works exactly as advertised, definitely worth buying! -- Mike, St. Louis, Mo.

The snuggie looks like a monk costume. -- Evan, Denver

Sunggie?? How about the commericals for Shamwow? I'm not sure which commerical is more overplayed - the silly hair product commerical during the Yankees games or the Shamwow. The McDonalds drive through headset is rediculous. The best quote of this clip is "are you following me camera man?". A great steel cage match would be Vince vs. Billy Mays. I think even Ron Popeil in his advanced age could kick Vince's ass! -- Kevin, Red Bank, N.J.

My grandma got me a snuggie for Christmas last year and the worst part is is that its a knock off snuggie. I wore it once just for her, now I think its buried under neath the junk in my closet. -- Jordan, Roanoke, Va.