Celtics supplant Lakers; Texas teams find footing

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Not long ago Texas was the place NBA opponents went to die. It hasn't been the case much of this season as the Rockets, Spurs and Mavericks each got off to slow starts (at least by their standards). Whether it was due to injuries to key stars (Houston, San Antonio) or having to start over with a new coach (Dallas), the Texas triangle had lost much of its fear factor.

Now there are signs of NBA life again in the Lone Star State. The Spurs (who are healthy again) and Mavs are starting to get it together, while the Rockets are thriving despite the absence of Tracy McGrady (sore knee). While they might not be ready to challenge the likes of the Celtics or Lakers just yet, at least there is hope again deep in the heart of Texas.

This week's high riser: Mavs (No. 7 from 14)
This week's big drop: Pistons (No. 20 from 15)

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