Hot Clicks: Esti Ginzburg, SI Swimsuit on Twitter, Browns woes

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Peace Has Been Reached

Yesterday's Hot Clicks led off with an angry e-mail from Ryan Stevens, of Duluth, Minn., a frustrated Vikings fan who threatened to punch me in the face over Hot Clicks' Brett Favre coverage. Tons of you wrote in to bash poor Ryan, but it's now time for reconciliation. At 2:30 yesterday afternoon, I received this e-mail from Ryan: "Jimmy, I apologize about the e-mail I sent yesterday. I promise I won't punch you in the face. Good call on Randy Moss not winning a championship. I have received a ton of Facebook crap, texts and calls already about it. Mostly hating me for the hockey comment I made. Another thing, I have read Hot Clicks for like three years now and that was the first time I have ever wrote to you guys. What a way to start." Since that was a classy move on Ryan's part, and to show there are no hard feelings, I wrote back to him and told him I'd let him choose the lady to lead off today's Hot Clicks. Ryan declined the offer and said he'd leave that up to me. So I'm dipping into the SI Swimsuit bag and giving you a rookie from this year, Esti Ginzburg. This also gives me a chance to tell you that for exclusive pics from the 2010 Swimsuit photo shoots, you should be following SI Swimsuit on Twitter.

Esti Ginzburg : Riccardo Tinelli/SI

Speaking Of Swimsuit Models And Twitter

Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick decided to have some fun at each other's expense yesterday on Twitter, with each revealing an "interesting" nugget about the other. Roddick told us that Brooklyn "used to practice kissing on a Taylor Hanson poster hung up on her wall when she was 10." Brooklyn retaliated by hitting below the belt (no pun intended), saying Roddick "couldn't go to sleepovers until he was 10 years old because of his bedwetting." That caused her husband to play the "I have more followers card," because he said "well at least @andyroddick embarrassing fun facts reach 113,890 more people than hers do ...... score!" Hopefully Hot Clicks has now helped Brooklyn spread her "interesting fact" about Andy to some more people.

Pretty In Pink

You're going to see a lot of pink this weekend. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month (check this out and donate here if you'd like) and several NFL players will show their support this week by wearing a variety of pink items, which will then be auctioned off for the charity. Here are some of the things you may see Sunday. Chad Ochocinco, who has a long history of being, um, fashionable, has said he will sport pink cleats, pink gloves, pink wrist bands, a pink mouthpiece and a pink chin strap.

Dark Days For The Dawg Pound

Dawg Pound :: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Things have been rough this season for the Browns and their fans. Actually, it's been a rough 15 years. And Eric Mangini is feeling some heat. He's also the subject of this funny photoshop. However, it's one thing to get beat up by an opposing team, but it's another to get beat up by Chick-fil-A.

The Fashion Of Football Fans

See the guy on the right in the picture above? The one wearing a dog mask? Judging by this gallery, he's really just your typical NFL fan.

Random Links

It's been a rough week for Redskins fans. Maybe video of their cheerleaders getting into a pillow fight can help cheer them up. ... Tailgating Ideas is calling out the most annoying types of tailgaters. ... You must check out the intro for the University of Alaska-Fairbanks hockey team.

Last Of The Leaps

This is the last day Hot Clicks is going to feature the great leaps from college football, so here are the ones that have been in the in-box. Steve Greyshock, of Ladera Ranch, Calif., and Rich Costella, of Columbia, Md., sent in this hard hit and leap by West Virginia's Quincy Wilson. Kevin, of Los Angeles, sent in anotherKnowshon Moreno leap. Brian Neely, of Overland Park, Kan., wants to see the Irish represented with this run by Ray Zellers. Eric, of L.A., sends in this old-schoolSpencer Tillman clip. AndAndy Collins, of Cincinnati, wants to see this leap byBeanie Wells.

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