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Big Weekend

While the college football schedule leaves a lot to be desired this weekend, the NFL offers a strong slate throughout the day, highlighted by Cincinnati at Pittsburgh at 1 p.m., Philadelphia at San Diego at 4:15 p.m., and, of course, Pats at Colts in the Sunday night game. (On a side note, NBC is punishing us by interviewing Jay Leno during halftime of Pats-Colts. Desperate times call for desperate measures.) There's also a big fight Saturday night, with Manny Pacquiao facing Miguel Cotto. If you're undecided about who to bet who is going to win,'s Bryan Grahamoffers this thorough crash course on the bout. If boxing is too tame for you, there's UFC 105. I really can't offer you much on that item, though, because the only thing I know about UFC is that it has some very nice Octagon Girls, such as the newest one, Natasha Wicks.

Natasha Wicks :: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Oh, So That's How The Coaches Vote...

Everyday Should Be Saturday breaks down a variety of college football topics using graphs and charts -- and I can assure you that graphs and charts have never been so funny. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Simply Marvelous

Sometimes you just need to hear from one of the greatest play-by-play men of all time to liven up your day. Marv, take it away ...

No Fun League Strikes Again

Brent Celek, Captain Morgan :: Getty Images/AP

I've always believed that one of the worst things about the NFL and college football is the ban on celebrations. I say dance, strike poses, use props, do whatever you want. To say both leagues feel the complete opposite, though, would be a huge understatement. In the NFL's latest quest to outlaw anyone providing some entertainment, the league has shut down a savvy marketing campaign by Captain Morgan -- which was for charity! The company was going to donate $10,000 to the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund each time a player was caught on camera doing the Captain Morgan pose. But the NFL put the kibosh on this, citing the rule that a company can't pay a player to promote a product on the field.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Michael Kay is the play-by-play man for the New York Yankees on the YES Network. During the season, someone on Twitter started a Fake Michael Kay account. The page generated a lot of buzz in the blogosphere/Twitter world. Yesterday, the Huffington Post wrote about it, as did the awesomely titled Fack Youk. However, the Huffington Post did not mention the Fake Michael Kay author by name while Fack Youk offered a wrong guess as to who was behind the Twitter account. So here is the full scoop: The person behind the Fake Michael Kay Twitter page is Dave Lozo. He used to run a blog called Why Don't We Get Drunk and Blog, which Hot Clicks linked up several times before Lozo went in a different direction and started the Stupid Sports Blog, where he actually revealed his identity last week. (Warning: All links contain strong language.)

Story Time

If you've always wondered about the infamous tale of Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis throwing a no-hitter after partaking in some LSD, you must check this out.

In The Latest LeBron James News...

The free-agent-to-be says he will give up wearing No. 23 after this season "out of respect to Michael Jordan," whatever that means. But he won't stop wearing his new Air Max LeBron VII, which happen to be New York Yankees sneakers.

Derek In Disguise

Derek Jeter :: Bobby Bank/Getty Images

Is Derek Jeter...

A) Going incognito to avoid crazy fans like me?

B) Jealous that Sammy Sosa reinvented his look?

C) So happy with his Halloween costume that he won't take if off?

D) Dressed up for a cameo in an upcomingMark Wahlberg-Will Ferrell movie?

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Sports Video Of The Day

Some of you may remember that last year Hot Clicks linked up this video of a kid rockin' out to Bon Jovi at a Rutgers game. Well, the young man is known as "Little Jovi" and he was interviewed by Erin Andrews during Thursday's South Florida-Rutgers game.

Live TV Video Of The Day

You always have to watch out for the urinating animal.

Marriage Proposal Video Of The Day

This is just one of many reasons why you shouldn't propose at a ball game.

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