Swedish sensation comes to Detroit

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The e-mails came flooding in to my mailbox as soon as last week's Rookie Power Rankings were posted. Everyone wanted to know if I had seen Jonas Jerebko. The answer: Yes, I have seen the Detroit Pistons' forward, and there is no question that he deserves to be on this list given the way he's played since Thanksgiving.

The Pistons have won six of their last eight games and Jerebko is averaging 12.5 points and 7.4 rebounds, becoming a fan favorite on a team in desperate need of attracting fans to The Palace. The Pistons' promotional department has even passed out Viking helmets to fans in "Jerebko Row," as well as Swedish-themed yellow and blue T-shirts.

So, no need to send the memo again, Pistons fans. I got it right here, and I've got it taken care of.

(All stats and records are through Dec. 16.)

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