By Cory Mccartney
May 10, 2010

Fans think they know their favorite NASCAR drivers, but what do they really know beyond what they see on the track? I've made it my mission to ask the questions that matter. OK, they probably don't matter but they should give fans a new perspective on some of today's top drivers.

This week we go Inside The Helmet with Sprint Cup driver Joey Logano.

Cory McCartney: You drive with the GameStop logo on the hood in the Nationwide Series. What games do you play?

Joey Logano: Mostly racing games. It's sports games, hockey and stuff like that, but it's mostly racing.

CM: What racing games?

JL: Right now I've been hooked on [Forza Motorsports], it all kind of depends on what's going on, I guess. But usually I'll get my friends and we'll race. It's racing all the time for me, that's my life.

CM: Tell me about the nickname "Sliced Bread."

JL: That was given to me by my friends as a joke. All my friends have funny nicknames and we all kind of joke around; we're just a bunch of goofball kids, pretty much. That one got out to the public and everybody knows about it. I'll take it, I've been called a lot worse.

CM: You were born in Connecticut, then you moved to Georgia when you were young. Are you a Red Sox fan, a Yankees fan or a Braves fan?

JL: Red Sox. I don't watch a lot of baseball, but that is my team of choice.

CM: Being that you pull from two different regions, do you call it "soda" or "Coke?"

JL: Soda.

CM: At 19, you're 32 years younger than Mark Martin. Have you ever caught him driving with his turning signal on?

JL: [Laughs] That's messed up. No, I haven't.

CM: You've had an opportunity to go through the circuit, if you had to pick, which track would you be?

JL: I think maybe Phoenix. No, Phoenix is kind of old though. I guess maybe a newer track with some speed. Vegas, maybe?

CM: I think the question that everybody wants to know is: Do you call 811 before you dig?

JL: Of course I do, all the time. "Know what's below. Safe digging is no accident."

CM: I know for Bristol you had Soulja Boy Tell 'Em's Crank Dat as your theme song. Can you do the dance?

JL: No, I can't. I can try. It would be pretty funny, but no, I can't do it. All my friends were trying to get me to do it at Bristol when they played the song. I was like 'No, I can't do it.' I was too embarrassed.

CM: Is that what's usually on your iPod or are you all over the place?

JL: I'm all over the place. I've got everything, stuff like [Soulja Boy] to oldies, like Billy Joel, country, a little bit of everything.

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