Thunder take top spot for first time

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With their potent offense and underrated defense, the Thunder have climbed to the top of the Power Rankings for the first time this season. San Antonio, which has won seven in a row and 10 of 11 as the league's hottest team, also moves up one spot, from third to second. Chicago has fallen from first to third after its first back-to-back losses all year, with Miami remaining fourth.

This is your NBA elite. None of this quartet has lost more than 14 games. The other 26 teams have dropped at least 20. From fifth to 19th on this list is a vast and volatile middle class of teams with a shot at the playoffs but little hope of supplanting the top four. And with about three weeks to go in the regular season, the jockeying continues in earnest.

(All stats and records are through Monday, April 2.)

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