By Will Carroll
November 04, 2012

Darren McFadden left Sunday's game in the first half with an ankle injury. Replays showed McFadden clearly turning over the ankle. He was able to leave the field under his own power and jog to the locker room, but this is seldom a solid indicator of severity. After x-rays were taken, the Raiders reported that there was no fracture, but that McFadden would not be returning to the game. Mike Goodson, a much different back than McFadden, takes over. The more apples-to-apples RB would be Taiwan Jones, who has been recovering from a knee injury himself.

McFadden has always been known as an injury-prone player, but this injury was pure traumatic randomness. He was fighting through an arm tackle and came out a bit off balance, forcing his ankle to turn awkwardly. Assuming the x-rays are correct -- and they will likely be rechecked with an MRI on Monday -- a sprain can still be a serious injury. For a speed RB like McFadden, he could miss anywhere up to six weeks. Given how he was able to leave under his own power, it usually indicates a low grade sprain. McFadden does historically heal slightly slower than the indicated length, so factor that in to your roster decisions.

If it is a low-grade sprain, McFadden could be back by next week. Again, Goodson will get touches, but watch to see if Jones is available. The Raiders do seem to be throwing a bit more, making Denarius Moore and Derek Hagan good pickups.

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