April 06, 2013
Lance Armstrong has had to deal with a number of lawsuits since admitting to PED use.
Elizabeth Kreutz/SI

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) Lance Armstrong is asking a Texas court to dismiss a lawsuit by a Dallas promotions company seeking repayment of more than $12 million in bonuses paid for winning the Tour de France.

SCA Promotions sued Armstrong in February, claiming he committed fraud by using performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France seven times. SCA paid Armstrong's team management company for several of those victories.

SCA tried to withhold the bonuses in 2005 and went to arbitration trying to prove Armstrong doped. The company eventually agreed to pay him in a voluntary settlement.

Armstrong's court filings Friday say that settlement is legally binding and includes language that it cannot be appealed.

The company says Armstrong, who now admits doping, lied when he testified under oath that he didn't.

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