Complete coverage: Jason Collins comes out

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Jason Collins has played for six teams in 12 NBA seasons, and has been a starter in two Finals. But his career will be redefined by a watershed announcement: He is gay. Find complete coverage of Collins' revelation -- and the subsequent reaction -- below.

Why Collins is coming out now

"I didn't set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport," Collins says. "But since I am, I'm happy to start the conversation."

The First 24 Hours

A typical day? Far from it. Jason Collins' life -- and the culture of American pro sports -- changed dramatically Monday, says Franz Lidz. Here's what Collins thought of the reaction.

The Twin Brother's Words

Jarron Collins was surprised by his brother's announcement. But he could not be more proud.

The Story Behind The Story

Jason Collins is not doing this to make a political statement. He was ready, writes Jon Wertheim.

Inside The Collins Interview

Why now? How the Jason Collins story came together -- and what comes next for pro sports.

Fallout Across Sports

How will Collins' announcement affect the NFL? Peter King examines.

Times Are Changing

Any revolution starts with a small step, writes Martina Navratilova. Jason Collins is leading the way.

NBA Family Backs Collins

From Metta World Peace to P.J. Carlesimo, the NBA family is voicing support for Jason Collins.

A Free Agent, Literally And Figuratively

What will teams now think of Jason Collins, the free-agent NBA center?

Next Step

A high-profile, gay male coach could be even more transformative, says Melissa Segura.

Tellem: The Agent Speaks

I have represented more than 500 pro athletes. None has been more inspiring than Jason Collins.

Turning Point For The NBA?

Boston's Doc Rivers: '[Collins is] terrific. A great teammate and a great guy in the locker room.'

Original Trailblazer

Though she may not want to take credit, Martina Navratilova laid the groundwork for Collins' announcement, says Jon Wertheim.

First, But Far From The Last

The Last The Jason Collins reaction shows just how far public opinion has shifted, says Michael Rosenberg.

Reaction From Around Web

Athletes and newsmakers from around the world react to the news of the first openly gay active male athlete in a major U.S. team sport.

Your Thoughts

What do you think of Collins' announcement? Share your views.