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By SI Wire
March 17, 2015

An Arizona high school football coach saved a six-year-old boy from drowning on Saturday afternoon. Dustin King, an offensive line coach at Saguaro High School, was grilling outside his apartment when he heard a scream come from the pool area.

According to The Arizona Republic, all high school coaches must take a CPR course, and King said he took one last in 2004.

From The Arizona Republic:

The boy was pulled out of the pool by his 13-year-old cousin. The boy's mother was holding him and didn't know what to do. King immediately began performing CPR. The boy, he said, vomited water and began breathing.

"It was crazy how all of that came back to me," King said. "Parents need to know this stuff.

"There were 20 people standing around, and nobody knew what to do."

King said after he performed CPR, the fire department arrived, and the child was stabilized.

- Sarah Barshop

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