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Liliya Shobukhova stripped of Chicago and London marathon wins

Shobukhova is set to lose her 2009, 2010 and 2011 Chicago Marathon victories, as well as her 2010 London Marathon win.

The International Association of Athletics Federations has officially confirmed that all competitive results set by Russian marathoner Liliya Shobukhova as of Oct. 9, 2009 have been disqualified due to doping allegations.

Shobukhova has been stripped of her 2009, 2010 and 2011 Chicago Marathon wins as well as her 2010 London Marathon victory, organizers confirmed to Sports Illustrated on Thursday. She is also banned from competing until March 2016.

The Russian Athletic Federation first reported abnormalities in Shobukhova's biological passport, used to detect doping over a period of time, in April 2014.

The Chicago Tribune's Phil Hersh was the first to report Shibukhova's title stripping.

“We will take action through the English courts to recover the prize and appearance money paid to Shobukhova in 2010 and 2011,” said Nick Bitel, chief executive of the London Marathon. “We will do everything we can to ensure cheats are caught and do not benefit from cheating, and we continue to work closely with the IAAF and other authorities to improve out-of-competition drug testing.”

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The Chicago Marathon has already taken steps to annul Shobukhova from their record books.

“We have received official notification from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) of Liliya Shobukhova’s ban,” said Carey Pinkowski, executive race director of the Chicago Marathon. “Our race continues to be a strong advocate for strict anti-doping measures, and while upsetting, this is an example of why these measures are in place and why we believe in increased out-of-competition drug testing.”

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It is up to Shobukhova to return the prize money. Race organizers are not responsible for reallocating the earnings that Shobukhova accumulated over the years ahead of other athletes, according to IAAF rule 40.8.

In a recent ARD German television documentary, Shobukhova was accused of paying off Russian doping officials.

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Revised results:

Irina Mikitenko (GER) is the new 2009 Chicago Marathon champion.

Atsede Baysa (ETH) is the new 2010 Chicago Marathon champion.

Aselefech Mergia (ETH)​ is the new 2010 London Marathon champion.

Ejegayehu Dibaba​ (ETH) is the new 2011 Chicago Marathon champion.