Report: More countries non-compliant of WADA code, not Kenya

More countries other than Russia are expected to be named non-compliant by WADA.
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The World Anti-Doping Agency is expected to name more countries as non-compliant and potentially face ban from international competition like Russia, reports Katie Gornall of BBC. Kenya is reportedly not among those countries.

WADA is meeting in Colorado Springs just one week after former president Dick Pound released the findings of an Independent Committee’s review into performance enhancing doping in Russian sports and recommended that the IOC ban the country from international competition while also banning five coaches and five athletes. The IAAF suspended Russia from international competition on Friday.

Olympic gold medalist Edwin Moses represents the United States on WADA's executive board said the only way to ensure that Russia becomes compliant is to ensure a ban on the Russian track and field team from next summer's Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Kenya is being investigated by the IAAF for alleged doping cover-ups since last March, WADA announced on Tuesday.

Report: Kenyan runners paid bribes in doping scandal

Kenyan coach Paul Simbolei is facing threats as a whistle-blower, after telling police that Kenyan officials would request bribes or a share of an athlete’s winnings to avoid being exposed as a cheat. Three marathoners were reported to authorities but have not been named. 

Kenya won seven gold medals at this summer’s IAAF World Championships in Beijing, which puts their 16 medal total ahead of the United States’ six golds and 18 overall medals.

About 40 Kenyan athletes have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in the past two years. At the 2015 world championships, 400-meter sprinter Joyce Zakary and 400-meter hurdler Koki Manunga accepted suspensions for positive tests. The highest profile case in the last two years was Boston and Chicago Marathon champion Rita Jeptoo’s positive test for EPO just days before almost collecting $500,000 in prize money from the World Marathon Majors.

The IAAF is also investigating Athletics Kenya vice president David Okeyo, who is accused of embezzling more than $700,000 in sponsorship money. Okeyo was part of the council that voted to suspend Russia. 

- Christopher Chavez