Abby Wambach, Jessica Mendoza and Kevin Durant to Help Launch Professional Indoor Volleyball League

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Athletes Unlimited, a company looking to "revolutionize pro sports" that has former UWSNT star Abby Wambach, Olympic softball star Jessica Mendoza and NBA MVP Kevin Durant as members of its board, is launching a women's indoor volleyball league that will start in February, the company told USA Today's Nancy Armour. 

The company had previously announced that a new women's fast-pitch softball league under their leadership will begin play in August. A third women's professional sports league will also launch in 2022. 

"Re-imagining is really important right now. Re-imagining what could be possible," Wambach told USA TODAY Sports. "When you look at all the sports, especially women's sports, there is so much more potential that has yet to be understood and figured out. This is, I think, a perfect solution."

Per the company's website, individual players earn points based on team wins and on individual performance as they compete for a title and additional cash bonuses. In the new softball league, every week of their five-week season starts with a new draft with the top four players on the leaderboard taking on the role of team captains. Each week will see six games played across the league.

The softball league, which was co-founded by Jon Patricof and Jonathan Soros, will  divide $1 million in compensation between its 56 players with additional bonuses available. No official information regarding compensation about the new volleyball league has been released, though, USA Today reports each leagues will have $1 million in payroll.

"Pro sports fans want faster, more exciting and more meaningful games—and newer, expanded ways to engage with the players they love," Patricof said in the softball league's official release. "We literally change the game with faster play and fluid teams, delivering next-level competition and engagement."