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In Focus: NBA Cakes


By Ben Eagle

For his 35th birthday Rip Hamilton received a cake featuring Rip Hamilton playing cards against … other Rip Hamiltons. In honor of this magnificent pastry, we went back through the archives to find the greatest NBA cakes in recent memory. (Photo above courtesy of Rip Hamilton's Instagram)

Find a gallery of great cakes across all sports here.

Michael Jordan cuts a Jordan cake

Michael Jordan: Jordan and his father, James, and mother, Deloris, celebrated the NBA great's 26th birthday in Chicago. (AP)

Jack Nicholson marvels at a Lakers cake

Jack Nicholson: When you're a die-hard Lakers fan like Nicholson, you get a big, golden cake and a pair of cheerleaders for your 70th birthday. (Andrew Gombert/EPA)

Chris Bosh poses with his birthday cake

Chris Bosh

Via Got 'Em Coach