SI's Composite 2014 NBA Mock Draft

Tuesday June 24th, 2014

Can't get enough mock drafts? Neither can we. In addition to Chris Mannix's latest projections, assigned seven writers to live out their GM dreams and conduct a composite mock draft of 2014's first 30 picks. 

Each writer was assigned three teams and tasked with drafting the player they believed the franchise should select in Thursday's draft. The 76ers, who have seven picks in the 2014 draft, pulled off two trades in our simulation.

Among the other highlights: Joel Embiid falling out of the top three, Doug McDermott climbing into the top 10 and Dario Saric falling out of the lottery. Without further ado, let's get to the picks.

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SI's Composite nba Mock draft
  • 1
    1Cleveland Cavaliers
    Andrew Wiggins, GUARD
    Kansas, Freshman | 6-8, 197
    His combination of athletic tools, potential as a two-way star, and lack of major off-the-court or health-related red flags is just too good to pass up. That he fills a clear roster hole makes this decision that much easier. -- Ben Golliver

  • 2
    2Milwaukee Bucks
    Jabari Parker, FORWARD
    Duke, freshman | 6-8, 241
    This pick is a no-brainer. As the Bucks, I'm thrilled that Cleveland took Andrew Wiggins. We have decent perimeter defense, but we need points right away. Parker will be a flashy scorer and a fan favorite from his first game forward. -- David Gardner

  • 3
    3Philadelphia 76ers
    Dante Exum, GUARD
    Australia, Age: 18 | 6-6, 196
    Draft a center that could miss the entire season? We already did that last year. Exum will partner with Michael Carter-Williams to form one of the most electric backcourts in the league for years. We'll figure out who guards who down the line. -- Matt Dollinger

  • 4
    4Orlando Magic
    Joel Embiid, CENTER
    Kansas, center | 7-0, 240
    I'll take potentially the biggest franchise-changer in the draft and hope his foot recovers. I don't buy Noah Vonleh as a star, nor am I enticed by a horrendous-shooting Marcus Smart-Victor Oladipo backcourt. Nikola Vucevic will make for nice trade bait when JoJo returns. -- Jeremy Woo

  • 5
    5Utah Jazz
    Noah Vonleh, FORWARD
    Indiana, freshman | 6-9, 247
    I do buy Noah Vonleh as a star. He's only 18 years old, and his natural gifts (including a 7-foot-4 wingspan) and work ethic will make him a big-impact forward. Smart and Exum are enticing options, but we need a two more than a one, and there should be a strong shooting guard available at No. 23. -- Gardner

  • 6
    6Boston Celtics
    Aaron Gordon, FORWARD
    ARIZONA, FRESHMAN | 6-8, 208
    Drafting based on positional need would be a mistake for a team in transition like the Celtics. If Embiid doesn't slip, I'd tap Gordon based on his supreme physical gifts and long-term potential, and then get to work on deciding who needs to be traded to make room for him. -- Golliver

  • 7
    7Los Angeles Lakers
    Marcus Smart, GUARD
    Oklahoma St., sophomore | 6-3, 227
    Given the state of the Lakers' roster, positional need isn't a big concern with this pick. Smart is a safe selection for a team seeking stability as it prepares for the post-Kobe era. His intangibles and defensive intensity give him low bust potential, and if he improves his offensive game, he has star potential, too. Smart is one of those players who could develop into a leader for the Lakers down the road. -- Chris Johnson

  • 8
    8Sacramento Kings
    Doug McDermott, FORWARD
    CREIGHTON, SENIOR | 6-8, 218
    This is where the draft gets tricky, especially for a team as muddled as Sacramento. Either Gordon or Smart could have been interesting here, but both are off the board. The best talent available might be Julius Randle, but his fit alongside DeMarcus Cousins worries me. I'll settle for McDermott -- if absolutely nothing else, he can help decongest a messy offense bereft of long-range shooting. -- Rob Mahoney

  • 9
    Julius Randle, FORWARD
    KENTUCKY, FRESHMAN | 6-9, 250
    TRADE: Hornets send the No. 9 pick to the 76ers for picks 10, 39 and a conditional 2015 second-rounder. 
    With a chance to snag two players of top-five quality, I'm trading up to snag Julius Randle. Randle and Nerlens Noel never played together at Kentucky -- but they'll be my froncourt of the future. With seven picks in the 2014 draft, I don't mind burning the second rounder to make sure I get my man. -- Dollinger

  • 10
    MICHIGAN, SOPHOMORE | 6-6, 207
    TRADE: Philly sends No. 10 pick to Charlotte in aforementioned deal.

    I was able to trade down one spot for some assets and still get the shooter I covet. Al Jefferson was outstanding as a low-post scorer in his first season in Charlotte; think about how much more effective he can be with actual shooters around him. Stauskas will provide some much-needed floor spacing, and I trust coach Steve Clifford -- who somehow built a top-six defense with Jefferson in the middle -- to mitigate the Michigan guard's weaknesses in coverage. -- Brad Weinstein

  • 11
    11Denver Nuggets
    Gary Harris, GUARD
    Michigan State, sophomore | 6-4, 205
    This is good fortune for me as the Nuggets: I have the roster to draft the best player available, but a shooting guard would be the best addition. I actually have Harris higher on my board than Stauskas. Harris is hands-down the better defender, and while some point to his lower shooting percentage, I point to his overuse on an injury-raddled Michigan State team last year. He had to force shots last year, but we won't call on him to do that in Denver. -- Gardner

  • 12
    12Orlando Magic
    Elfrid Payton, GUARD
    louisiana-lafayette, JUNIOR | 6-4, 185
    Because I snagged Embiid earlier, I'm playing the long game here. Payton's shooting also needs work, but I'm more confident in his intangibles and willingness to improve. Smart is physically stronger than Payton but I'm not sure he's all that much better otherwise. Payton and Oladipo will wreak defensive havoc and grow together, and when Embiid gets back we'll have a great young core. -- Woo

  • 13
    13Minnesota Timberwolves
    Adreian Payne, F/C
    Michigan St., sENIOR | 6-10, 239
    It's time to start preparing for Life After Love. Payne may not be a double-double machine right away, but he's versatile, experienced, can shoot the three and is ready to play major minutes right away. It seems likely Love will be dealt eventually -- even if not on draft day -- and the Wolves will be set for the future with Payne and Nikola Pekovic as a solid frontcourt foundation. -- Johnson

  • 14
    14Phoenix Suns
    James Young, G
    KENTUCKY, FRESHMAN | 6-7, 213
    Phoenix could go in a few different directions with this pick, though I like Young as a complementary piece for the Suns' uptempo offense. From day one he would be set for the Gerald Green diet: a steady stream of open spot-up three-pointers (shots which Young nailed at an impressive clip at Kentucky), clean looks in transition and the occasional drive against a stilted defense. He's tall and long enough to project out as quality NBA defender at two positions and young enough (at just 19 years old) to grow into a nice, round skill set. -- Mahoney

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  • 15
    15Atlanta Hawks
    Dario Saric, FORWARD
    CROATIA, AGe: 20 | 6-10, 223
    Yes, we need immediate playmaking help on the wing as coach Mike Budenholzer continues to build an unselfish offense in the Spurs' mold. But the 20-year-old Saric's potential is too tantalizing to pass up, even if I have to wait a few years for him to come over from Europe. -- Weinstein

  • 16
    16Chicago Bulls
    Rodney hood, FORWARD
    Duke, sophomore | 6-8, 208
    Chicago leaned heavily on offensive forces like D.J. Augustin and Kirk Hinrich last season. Needless to say, an influx of talent on that side of the ball is desperately needed. Hood is one of the best shooters in the draft and would be a perfect fit. As he displayed at Duke alongside Jabari Parker last season, Hood can be effective without being the focal point of the offense. -- Dollinger

  • 17
    17Boston Celtics
    Zach LaVine, GUARD
    UCLA, FRESHMAN | 6-6, 181
    Boston's anemic offense gets the hoops equivalent of an iron infusion with the ultra-athletic LaVine. His 6-foot-6 size and long frame makes for a nice complement to Avery Bradley, while his bounce should be put to good use by Rajon Rondo on many a backdoor lob. Celtics GM Danny Ainge is known as a home-run hitter, and it's hard to find upside like LaVine's in the second half of the draft.  -- Golliver

  • 18
    18PhILADELPHIA 76ers
    Jusuf Nurkic, CENTER
    BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA, Age: 19 | 6-11, 280
    TRADE: Suns send No. 18 pick to 76ers for Thaddeus Young. 
    By trading the last core member of the old regime, I can fully embrace my youth movement and build around last year's first-round haul (Carter-Williams and Noel) and this year's (Exum, Randle and Nurkic). Nurkic also serves as insurance in case Noel's career proves to be riddled with injuries. -- Dollinger
    Suns: With three first-round picks in this year's draft and two gently used first-round selections (Alex Len and Archie Goodwin) from last year, Phoenix is in a position to move a young asset or two for a more established commodity. Young is just that and a terrific fit -- a flexible team defender, a utility scorer, a transition-capable athlete and an occasional long-range threat. He's also only 25 with two seasons (the latter of which is an early termination option) remaining on his current deal, making him a solid building block alongside Bledsoe and Dragic. -- Mahoney

  • 19
    19Chicago Bulls
    Clint Capela, FORWARD
    SWITZERLAND, Age: 20 | 6-11, 211
    This pick is the straw that breaks the back of the camel that's been protecting Carlos Boozer from being amnestied. Or something. More importantly, Tom Thibodeau will help mold Capela into the elite shotblocker he has the potential to be and give opponents another reason to dread a meeting with the Bulls. -- Dollinger

  • 20
    20Toronto Raptors
    Syracuse, freshman | 6-2, 180
    Don't think about it (this pick) too much. At the behest of Raptors team ambassador Drake, we're keeping the Canadian talent north of the border and filling a need at backup point guard whether or not Kyle Lowry dips out. Ennis plays above his years and is steady as they come -- he'll look good pushing the ball to DeMar DeRozan and Terrence Ross for fast-break dunks. -- Woo

  • 21
    21Oklahoma City Thunder
    UCLA, sophomore | 6-8, 230
    Serge Ibaka's two-game absence in the Western Conference Finals exposed the Thunder's lack of frontcourt depth. Taking a raw, athletic big man (Steven Adams) worked out last year. This year, let's go with a refined, athletically challenged, quasi-big man. It's hard to say how Anderson will fit in the NBA, or what position he'll guard, but Slo-Mo's skill set is too intriguing to pass up at this spot. -- Johnson

  • 22
    22Memphis Grizzlies
    P.J. Hairston, guard
    Texas legends/ UNC | 6-5, 229
    Memphis has been desperate for shooting for years, and in Hairston we get a shooting guard ready to log minutes and space the floor for Z-Bo (assuming he stays) and Marc Gasol. As the Grizz hope to make another playoff push in a still-tough Western Conference, if Hairston can stay out of trouble, he could be the perimeter threat we've needed, a selection made particularly critical if Mike Miller departs. -- Woo

  • 23
    23Utah Jazz
    Jordan Adams, GUARd
    UCLA, Sophomore | 6-5, 209
    I want to go guard here, and there are plenty of options, but I like Adams as a polished scorer. He can push the offense from the perimeter and has the ability to post up. And underrated aspect about Adams' game is his competitiveness -- he'll help turn around a last-place team. -- Gardner

  • 24
    24Charlotte Hornets
    T.J. Warren, Forward
    NC State, sophomore | 6-8, 220
    After grabbing Stauskas at No. 10, my makeover of the Hornets' 24th-ranked offense continues with a 25-point scorer from NC State. Warren isn't a deep-shooting threat, but he can fill it up from everywhere else. -- Weinstein

  • 25
    25Houston Rockets
    UCONN, Senior | 6-1, 175
    Houston's broader needs aren't going to be solved with a pick in the late first round, so I'll nab the sweet-shooting Napier here to help solidify the point guard rotation. Patrick Beverley has just a season left under contract and Jeremy Lin could be unloaded this summer as a means to clear cap room. That leaves an opening for a player like Napier, who could step in to contribute immediately as a long-range threat and pick-and-roll creator. -- Mahoney

  • 26
    26Miami Heat
    COLORADO, junior | 6-6 205
    Miami loves to buy low on talent, and Dinwiddie fits that mold after declaring for the draft despite suffering a season-ending torn ACL in January. Point guard was a prime area of weakness during the Finals for the Heat, who face a decision on Mario Chalmers. Dinwiddie offers the ball-handling to offer depth at that spot while also possessing the size to play the two. Assuming the Big 3 returns, Miami can afford to slow-play the Colorado guard's rehabilitation: Dinwiddie would be 15 months post-surgery by the time the 2015 playoffs roll around. -- Golliver

  • 27
    27Phoenix Suns
    SYRACUSE, sophomore | 6-8, 214
    With so many solid young prospects on the roster already, I don't mind taking a swing here with Grant -- a raw combo forward with a higher ceiling than most in this range. In the short term, Grant is the kind of worker and athlete who could steal playing time away from more skilled players. Looking forward, Grant might make even better use of his bounce, length and lateral quickness in becoming a weapon on both ends of the floor. -- Mahoney

  • 28
    28Los Angeles Clippers
    MICHIGAN, Sophomore | 6-10, 263
    The Clippers could use plenty of help at the three, but McGary has the best chance of making an immediate impact of the players still on the board. McGary isn't the defensive force Steven Adams is, but he's equally physical and more talented on offense. If McGary's back problems don't travel with him to Los Angeles, this could be a steal of a pick. Remember, McGary was once projected to be a top-5 talent before his stock tumbled this season. -- Dollinger

  • 29
    29Oklahoma City Thunder
    K.J. McDaniels, GUARD
    CLEMSON, junior | 6-6, 196
    As Thabo Sefolosha enters unrestricted free agency, the Thunder would do well to snag a quality defense-first wing. McDaniels is a terrific athlete and shot blocker for his position who made major strides during his college career, and could instantly upgrade Oklahoma City's coverage while continuing to develop his offensive game. With offensive juggernauts San Antonio, Houston and the Clippers lurking in the West, McDaniels figures to be a valuable addition. -- Johnson

  • 30
    30San Antonio Spurs
    SERBIA, Age: 21 | 6-6, 200
    See you in the 2016, Bogdan. -- Weinstein

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