New York Knicks team president Phil Jackson believes the triangle offense will make Carmelo Anthony a better passer, he told Charley Rosen on 

By SI Wire
October 23, 2014

New York Knicks team president Phil Jackson believes the triangle offense will make Carmelo Anthony a better passer, he told Charley Rosen on

The Knicks will run the triangle offense under first-year head coach Derek Fisher. During his coaching career with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, Jackson used the offense to win 11 championships.

Jackson, who gave a player-by-player scouting report to Rosen, said Anthony's role will be similar to a quarterback. 

“Passing has never been a great strength of his, but in the triangle he’ll be able to have check-off reads like a quarterback looking for his first-option receiver, then his second and then his third,’’ Jackson told Rosen. “There’ll be plenty of iso opportunities for Melo, and in the triangle it’ll be very difficult for defenses to double-team him. It won’t be like last season where he had to take clutch shots with a gang of defenders in his face. Also look for Melo to get a bunch of post-up looks.”

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Jackson also said shooting guard J.R. Smith needs to make better decisions on offense.

"The 2 position is our deepest, and J.R. Smith is easily the best athlete on the team. But J.R. has to learn the difference between a good shot and a bad shot."

The Knicks open the regular season on Oct. 29 at home against the Chicago Bulls.

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